Thirrje nga Universiteti i Zagrebit Fakulteti i Mesuesise

We are delighted to invite you to participate in the 3rd International Scientific and Art Conference of the Faculty of Teacher Education, University of Zagreb in cooperation with the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts entitled

"Teaching (Today for) Tomorrow: Bridging the Gap between the Classroom and Reality" which will be held from 26 to 27 September 2024 in Zagreb, Croatia.

Our aim is to bring together leading experts, researchers, practitioners, and decision-makers from different fields of education to discuss how to prepare children and young people for the future. Topics ● Education for personal and professional development: how to support the development of key competencies and skills necessary for life and work in the 21st century? How to encourage autonomy, creativity, collaboration and entrepreneurship among children and young people?

● Education for social and cultural diversity: how to promote intercultural learning and dialogue in multicultural and multilingual environments? How to ensure good quality education that is inclusive, and fair for all children and young people?

● Education for innovation and research: how to stimulate the research spirit and curiosity in children and young people? How to involve the children's and youth's voices in creation and evaluation of educational policies and practices?

● Education for sustainable development: how to integrate the goals of sustainable development into the curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment of learning? How to foster ecological awareness, social responsibility and global citizenship in children and young people?

● Education for digital transformation: how to use digital technologies and media to enhance learning and teaching? How to develop digital literacy, critical thinking and media culture in children and young people?

● The importance of art education for the cognitive, social, and emotional development of children and youth: how to encourage creativity, imagination, expression, and critical thinking? How to learn about yourself, others, and the world through art?

● Kinesiology education and sports: how to encourage physical activity, sportsmanship and fair play in children and youth? How to apply kinesiological principles and methods in the

development of sports skills? How to use sports and recreation to promote health? The conference will consist of plenary lectures, panel discussions, workshops, poster sessions and social events. We invite you to submit abstracts of your papers, projects or experiences related to the theme and subtopics of the Conference.


The deadline for submitting abstracts is February 29, 2024. More information about the Conference, can be found on the official website of the conference

This conference is a unique opportunity to establish new contacts, exchange knowledge and collaborate with colleagues from around the world who share your passion and interest for education.