Ftesë për Konferencën e 34-t ndërkombëtare në Shkencat Shoqerore e Natyrore

Dear Colleagues,

It would be a great pleasure to have you on the 34-th International Conference on Social and Natural Sciences, Brussels - Belgium.

The conference will be held in Belgium on April 19, 2024 and proceedings/abstracts will be published in Brussels, Belgium.

The conference is open only to virtual participation. Participating in person is not necessary for those who submit poster and/or video conference presentations.

All conference materials (proceedings and certificates) will be available online (open access). 

The event is organized by International Institute for Private, Commercial and Competition Law (IIPCCL-Austria) in partnership with University of Bielefeld (Germany), Keiser University (USA), University of Białystok (Poland), School of American Law (Greece), Institute of History and Political Science of the University of Białystok (Poland). 


Submission of abstracts within:

April 7, 2024

Conference Day

April 19, 2024

Submission of full papers for Publication within:

April 17, 2024


Participation fee is 300 Euros, (It covers certificate of paper presentation, Book of proceedings, administrative costs...). Each coauthor has to pay an extra  200 Euros (Example 2 Authors-Total 500 Euros, 3 Authors-Total 700 Euros).



For more information please visit the website of the conference http://iipccl.org/?page_id=4769 or 

send an email to research@iipccl.org We would appreciate it if you could share this invitation with your colleagues,

Best regards,