Artificial intelligence technology: summer school 2023

Every day, the demand for artificial intelligence grows. Its application has great potential in many spheres of life. And that is why the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv is preparing for the biggest and most captivating IT event of the summer of 2023 - a traditional summer school aimed at the in-depth study of artificial intelligence technologies.

AIT has had great success over the past two seasons. About 1,000 young Aitivians have already completed school. During that period, this school was supported by more than 30 leading companies and more than 60 awesome IT specialists. So our students are motivated and talented young people who want to develop in the field of IT. They are looking forward to Artificial intelligence technology: summer school 2023.

AIT-2023 is an immense undertaking, which we cannot see through without help; this means that it is necessary to source speakers who are willing to pass on their expertise to students. Therefore, we invite your IT company/University to participate in the execution of our summer school. Together, we will be able to create an environment in which each student believes in their potential, ideas, and ability to become a successful specialist in the IT industry.

We believe that by bringing together excellent students and experienced specialists in the IT industry, we will achieve high results in the evolution of future technologies. That is why we invite your company/university to participate in our school as a partner and support this major project.

The AIT-2023 booklet is attached to the letter!

We are waiting for your application for participation. We are ready to discuss the terms of cooperation and the school program:​​​​​​

See you at the summer school "Artificial intelligence technology"!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Nation!