An upcoming workshop hosted by Introducing the IF Collaborative Discussion Toolkit & Certificate Program

An upcoming workshop hosted by Introducing the IF Collaborative Discussion Toolkit & Certificate Program, the Interactivity Foundation and the University of Shkoder “Luigj Gurakuqi”. The workshop will be conducted in English and offer an introduction to interactive activities found in the Collaborative Discussion Toolkit

Please join us on Zoom on April 27th, 2023, at 6 pm (Tirana time, Albania), that is 12 pm ET (Washington time, DC, USA). You can register here.

The Interactivity Foundation (IF) is a US-based nonprofit dedicated to promoting democracy through dialogue and deliberation. They work in communities and in classrooms to advance exploratory and collaborative discussion approaches.


IF is offering this workshop to introduce educators, community leaders, and professional development managers to an open-access toolkit, created by American dialogue and deliberation practitioners and educators. The toolkit contains over 50 ready-to-use discussion activities that you can use in your classroom, workplace, or community. All of the activities can be completed in less than 50 minutes and are designed to improve creative, critical, culturally responsive, or civic collaborative discussion skills.  


If you attend this free workshop, you will be invited to practice 2-3 toolkit activities to experience the learning structure. After the workshop, the participants will be invited to learn more and apply to an upcoming online training to become a Collaborative Discussion Coach (tentatively scheduled to start in September). By becoming an IF Collaborative Discussion Coach, you will be able to offer certificates in collaborative discussion and also join a broader network of educators across well-known American universities and colleges. As a coach, you will also be invited to join in discussion with a growing community of dialogue and deliberation practitioners working in the American nonprofit sector. Both communities work together to advance interactive, collaborative discussion skills in classrooms and communities. 


This workshop will be in English. It is free to participate in it. Please register here.