Raport on one-day training “Developing Innovative Ideas for Sustainable Tourism”

In the framework of the project FOST INNO (Promotion of Innovation System in Tourism in the Adriatic-Ionian Region), Contact center of AITIC (Adriatic-Ionian Tourism Innovation Center) at SHU has worked to transfer of practical knowledge on innovation for sustainable tourism to potential stakeholders through conducting a one-day training on 12.03.2019 within contact points premises. Invitation was delivered for members and interested stakeholders which contribute to the development of tourism.

The purpose of the training was to contribute in promoting and developing of ideas for Sustainable Tourism to the participants.

This training clarified some important issues to interested stakeholders:

  • “Areas for innovative ideas in sustainable tourism and influencing factors for this” by Prof.as.dr.Mirjam Dibra
  • “Issues related planning of sustainable tourism enterprises” by Arjan Gjura Msc
  • “International Experience on Innovation for Sustainable Tourism” presented by students of Msc program “Sustainable tourism Management” of Economic Faculty in SHU.

All participants were invited to engage into interactive discussion, exchange of experience, knowledge and good practice in order to stimulate the development of new ideas, suggestions among the interested participants. This occasion was a good opportunity for these stakeholders to become more aware about the great potential that innovation can have on everyday operation of their business.

This training was attended by 40 interested actors

SHU has given training certificate for the participants in this training.

The participants invited to submit innovations ideas for further successful development of them.

This one- day training was organized by the following working group:

Prof. As. Dr. Blerta Dragusha, Dean of the FESHU

Prof.As. Dr. Albana Boriçi Begani, Deputy Dean of the FESHU

Prof. As. Dr. Brilanda Bushati, Responsible for the Tourism Department, FESHU

Prof.dr.Arjeta Troshani- Local Coordinator of "FOST INNO" Project

Prof.as.dr.Mirjam Dibra – Responsible of the Contact Point at SHU for AITIC

Dr. Mersida Bala - Technical Assistant of the project "FOST INNO", FESHU

Dr. Alkida Hasaj- Lecturer at the Department of Tourism, FESHU

Dr. Romina Dhora- Lecturer at the Department of Tourism, FESHU

Dr. Rudin Bekaj- Lecturer at the Department of Tourism, FESHU

Sead Baraku, Msc- As/Lecturer at the Department of Tourism, FESHU

Arjan Gjura, Msc- As/ Lecturer at the Department of Tourism, FESHU