In the conference hall of the Rectorate of the University of Shkodra "Luigj Gurakuqi", on 17th April 2019 was organized by the Faculty of Economics the second public event "Innovations in sustainable tourism" within the Interreg project "FOST INNO"

The event was opened with the speech of Dibra, who welcomed the participants and presented the activities so far developed as a UNESCO contact point for the Adriatic Innovation Center for Tourism Innovation in the Adriatic-Ionian Region. Prof. Mirjam Dibra emphasized the importance of activities that connect sustainable tourism businesses with students and the academic world. Thus, trainings, on-line consultations with tourism stakeholders and a public competition on innovative ideas for Sustainable Tourism were conducted, whereby the support of the staff of the academic staff of the Tourism Department was provided to businesses.

Further, the speech was received by prof.Dr.Arjeta Troshani, who from the position of the coordinator of the project FOST INNO, thanked the tourism businesses that participated in the public competition of innovative ideas for sustainable tourism and expressed the importance of opening the University to the community the business and the impact that the Faculty of Economics should have in all the developments of the North American economy. Prof.Troshani stressed the importance of the FOST INNO project where in the first year of its implementation a Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy was developed in the Adriatic-Ionian Region, while the following is being worked on to implement the activities of the Innovation Center in Sustainable Tourism in the Adriatic-Ionian Region in cooperation with tourist businesses, representatives of the Municipality, Prefecture, District, professional tourism schools, NGOs and other stakeholders.

Subsequently, innovative ideas on sustainable tourism by the referrals were presented:

  • Dr. Rudin Beka - Innovation: the key to success in Bar- Restaurant "B7" Zogaj.
  • Artur Tagani - Innovation: the key to success at Clichѐ Bistro - Bar.
  • Adriatik Hasmegaj - Gastronomic Route of the Adriatic-Ionian Region.
  • Ervin Çeraj - Network for Sustainable Tourism.
  • Enes Alushi - "3D" Museum Center.
  • Marian Lushaj & Ardit Muja - The Memory Tune.

These innovative practices and ideas presented at this public event were aimed at further promoting the spirit of innovation for sustainable tourism to actors contributing to the development of tourism as a way to increase the competitiveness of tourist destinations and businesses in a tourist setting that changes quickly.

This event was attended by the representative of the Prefecture of Shkodra, Mr. Kasemi, the representative of Shkodra Municipality, Mr. Gentian Memaj, Dean of the Faculty of Economics, Dragusha, Deputy Dean, Begani, and representatives of SMEs, NGOs and vocational education institutions. Wide participation in this public event, the interactive discussion during the event, proved that when the spirit of cooperation exists to contribute to sustainable tourism development can be faced with any difficulties and problems that tourism faces today and in the future.